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Radiant Barrier

There are various types of heat transfer & radiation is the toughest to protect against. Still, there are many insulation options that can help reduce heat buildup from radiation. A radiant barrier is a good option for those who need something to stop the spread of radiation energy through a building or car.

Homeowners are very familiar with the heating and cooling cycles. In winter, for example, the interior is cold and in summer heat can cause hot spots inside- without any reflective insulation that can prevent it.

Radiant barrier insulation helps you combat excess heat with thermally reflective insulation.

Radiant Barrier Insulation Installation Steps

To install your radiant barrier, you should figure out where to place it in order to get the most protection. For example, you can effectively use radiant barriers on the walls and windows.

It doesn't make sense to install a radiant barrier insulation in the basement of your home. The attic is a much better option where more light shines, and it's a priority area when thinking of installing insulation.

This is a basic concept. Attic insulation should be installed before laying the radiant barrier down. The foil-based material reflects most of the radiation it receives, so installing it first would work best.

This material reflects most of the sun's heat back to where it came from.

Reflective insulation is installed underneath the attic, since the side of the house that's facing outward has an energy release. The newest models are coated with rare materials which are permeable and allow for cellular signals.

Radiant Barrier Means Lower Energy Bill

If you want to save money on your energy bill and reduce environmental pollution, consider installing a radiant barrier in your home. Given it saves energy and is kinder to the environment than other options, it's really the best solution for most people


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