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Garage Door Insulation

Garage doors impact your energy bill and can make a big difference in what you spend. If you have a garage attached to the house, make sure to install one with an insulated core and weather stripping for better insulation and less bills.

Doors in garages typically come in two different varieties: ones that humans can open and close, and also those for cars. They both need insulation and weatherstripping to maintain energy efficiency.

Insulation may look like a hassle to install but it helps keep your building both warm and cool. In addition, weather-stripping helps from air from the outside from coming inside.

Garage Door attached to house

The door separating the garage and your house is really an exterior door-despite it being inside the garage.

This door needs to be insulated and weather-stripped for maximal energy efficiency. You should also check your local building codes or fire prevention standards to see if they are graded.

Garage doors with insulation are mostly made out of rigid foam, covered by either PVC, Steel, or fiberglass.

Big Garage doors for cars can be insulated too

When you're thinking of your garage door, it's important to know that many of them come pre-insulated or insulated as an option. You can choose this option when building a home or if you're replacing an older one.

These doors usually have a core that has foam insulation inside and metal bands that are textured and detailed to resemble contours or varnishes.

Insulated garage doors are pricey, but they can save you money in the long run. Insulation prevents the metal from getting dented and the energy-efficiency will trim your bill.


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