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Batt Insulation

Batt insulation is a quick solution. You can cut it up to fit in small spaces & it's the cheapest option available. It also gives you maximal flexibility, as you can install it in any place - like floors, walls& ceilings.

As the #1 insulation company in Texas, we use batt insulation for both new constructions and renovation projects. With better energy efficiency, lower noise levels, and increased protection against moisture damage, it's no wonder homeowners love us!

Want to save money on your energy bill for years to come? Get in touch with our insulation contractors who will provide you with an assessment of batt insulation. Guided by the latest guidelines, the assessment will get you what you need.

Want to make your home or business as comfortable as possible? We've been installing insulation for years and can help you out. First, set up an in-home assessment to see what kind of insulation would work best for your climate. We promise a great experience, no matter how many stores we visit.

To maximize the efficiency of Fiberglass batts, they should be installed with precision. This will ensure the R-Value is at the top of your range and undetected gaps don't diminish its performance. Installing is a challenging job and it's all too common that mistakes sometime happen and there isn't clearance around outlet boxes.

Fiberglass batt insulation is widely popular due to the availability of different thicknesses, widths, and many other qualities. It's easily attainable and inexpensive.

Other Kinds of Batts

Over the years, batts have been made from different materials, such as recycled cotton and mineral wool. Fiberglass has an R-value of 3.8-4.0 per inch. Cotton has an R-value of 3.7 per inch which is lower than fiberglass's but still provides decent insulation value; the wool product we mentioned also provides you with a

When using Batt's materials such as Kraft paper, foil-faced Kraft paper and plastic, they should always be installed with the face side facing the protected area. Face side should always be used on the inside of your house.

Professional installation guarantees your batt insulation will be installed in such a way that there are no gaps or voids in its coverage. You'll avoid wasting energy and can focus on other challenges for increased R-Value and better performance.

Compression & expansion with water can also reduce the effectiveness of your insulation. It's important to make sure you protect existing insulation from water, with a sealant for example. Basically, keep any existing batts dry and install a sealer before using new batts.

There is a special foam that can be injected in large cavities like around batt insulation and doubles as both a sealant and added R-Value. Air sealing it after blowing in cellulose insulation is also an option, but we recommend pre-insulation air sealing for the best results.


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