Grapevine near Corinth

Located in northeast Tarrant County, Texas, United States, Grapevine is a city and suburb of Dallas and Fort Worth, with minor portions extending into Dallas County and Denton County, where Corinth lies.

The city is located in the Mid-Cities suburban region between Dallas and Fort Worth, and it contains a bigger chunk of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport than any other city in the region except for Arlington.

Grapevine Lake, a massive reservoir created by the Army Corps of Engineers in 1952 that serves as a supply of drinking water as well as a recreational area, is located adjacent to the city.

During their visit to Tah-Wah-Karro Creek, also known as Grape Vine Springs, to meet with the leaders of ten Indian nations in October 1843, General Sam Houston and his fellow Republic of Texas Commissioners slept there.

This meeting culminated in the signing of a treaty, which allowed settlers to establish their homes on new plots of land.

The hamlet that sprang up around it was named Grape Vine because of its location on the appropriately-named Grape Vine Prairie, which was near Grape Vine Springs, both of which were named in honor of the wild grapes that grew abundantly in the area.

Grapevine is the oldest settlement in Tarrant County, having been established in 1844 during the republican period of Texas before becoming a state in 1845.

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Early white settlement in what would become the present city dates back to the late 1840s and early 1850s, according to historical records.

Prior to leading his company of volunteers into action during the American Civil War, General Richard Montgomery Gano owned property near Grape Vine and assisted in organizing the early settlement against Comanche raiding raids. In the nineteenth century, growth was sluggish but steady; by 1890, Grape Vine had about 800 residents who were supported by facilities such as a newspaper, a public school, many cotton gins, a post office, and railroad service.

Growth continued into the twentieth century. Grapevine's population continued to grow during the early twentieth century, and on January 12, 1914, the town's name was changed from two words to a single word: Grapevine.

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