BENDT Distillery - South of Corinth

Just 9 miles south of Corinth is the BENDT Distillery, which is ideal for celebrating a special occasion with friends or enjoying a date night out. The distillery offers whiskey tastings, tours, and delectable food.

Organize a private tour to learn about the production of BENDT whiskey and to take a look around the various chambers of the distillery. Small portions of food are available in their tasting area, which can be enjoyed with unique cocktails and whiskey flights.

Stopping in at the gift shop for bottles and other souvenirs is a must if you're in the neighborhood. In addition, BENDT has a beautiful outdoor whiskey garden with tables that can be reserved in advance of your visit.

Rather than being pretentious, whiskey should be delectable delightful. BENDT thinks that you should be able to enjoy your whiskey in the manner that you like.

You can drink it neat, on the rocks, with a mixer, or in a cocktail; the option is yours. Although most people believe that straight is good, BENDT is superior. BENDT will come to you.

Local ingredients, according to BENDT, are the ideal approach to produce the most delicious whiskey imaginable while also supporting local farmers, seed firms, and malt houses.

Their grains are sourced from local farms through MBS Seed (Denton, TX), and their malt is sourced from TexMalt (Ft. Worth, TX) and Maverick Malt House (San Antonio, TX) (Wilderado, TX).

And what happens to all of that grain when we've finished distilling our whiskeys, you might wonder. Back to the local farms to re-feed the Texas cattle herd. The hashtag #supportlocal is more than just a slogan for us at BENDT; it's a way of life for us.

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Once they've received their local grain, they mill it in-house before transferring it to either their mash tun or corn cooker for cooking. It is at this point that they pitch their yeast and start the fermentation process.

With each of their fermentation vessels capable of holding over 2000 gallons of mash, this process can take anything from a few days to two weeks.

As soon as the fermentation process is complete and they have converted as much of the sugar in the grain as possible to alcohol, they transport the wash (also known as distiller's beer, which has an alcohol content of 8 percent) from the fermentation containers to their strip or wash still.

In this first distillation, alcohol is extracted from the wash, and the low-alcohol wines (25 percent abv) are sent to their finishing stills, which are also known as spirit stills, for further processing. The same process is repeated, but when the spirit is removed from the finishing stills, it is ready to be aged in barrels for a period of time.

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